Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is Vlogger?

The term “vlogger” is a portmanteau of the words video and blogger. A vlogger is someone who posts embedded videos regularly to their blog, in addition to or in place of text and other content. Some vloggers post videos that feature themselves or have been recorded independently, while others might post videos within a certain genre such as humor, science, or sports. The distribution of vlog (video blog) updates is often facilitated by a (Really Simple Syndication) RSS feed, sometimes also referred to as a vidcast or vodcast.

Antaranya Vlogger yang terkenal kat Malaysia ialah
1. Cikgu Shida



MaMa AiNi said...

assalamulaikum..i like cikgu shida..famousnya dia skrg ni!!..

Shaiful Zaidi said...

salam Mama Aini...ya dia mmg dah popular skrg lebih2 lg lepas keluar Metro.

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